Support Policy

Tokyo ITS Onsite Support Policies 

Tokyo ITS has been operating by a simple business model for 9 years. We receive support requests to service hardware at a location in Japan, we deploy an engineer on the agreed service date then invoice the customer within 48 hours of completing the task. This is complete ad hoc service on demand.

Our customers are generally other tech firms who are located in or outside of Japan who require a technician to service hardware at a specific location. We are generally requested to work within certain parameters to assist in the installation, repair or removal of many server and network related hardware devices. A typical onsite visit could last from 1 to 10 hours per day depending on the task requested. Other support cases require multiple days or visits.

Operating Hours

Tokyo ITS is located in downtown Tokyo and our operating hours are Monday through Friday between 10:00 AM and 06:00 PM Japan Standard Time. All other hours are considered after-hours.

Service Structure

3-Hour Initial Charge

70% of the support requests we receive typically require a technician on site for less than 2 hours. Our cost to do business in Tokyo requires us to initiate a minimum charge for all basic service requests we receive. With this policy we continue to retain the most competitive rates for professional tech support engineers in Tokyo.

Requests that require onsite support for more than 2-hours, are simply billed hourly.


After-hours service charges are 1.5 times the base rate. Please inquire what your base rate is.  

Support Policies 

Providing support in Japan for our partners could be difficult when we do not have all of the required information needed. Here are a few items to insure the best level of support and service with our partners and their customers here in Japan.

  • A purchase-order, case or ticket number to reference invoice dispatching. This needs to be in our system before it releases a work-order for technician deployment.
  • The location of the site: building name, floor number, office number, company name, local contact’s name, email and phone number, and any procedures required to enter this building. If it is a Data Center, we need the reference number for the visit. The location of any replacement parts should be tied to the reference number.
  • Tier 3 contact information: If someone is guiding us through onsite tasks, we will need their contact information and how we will conference with them. Clear English speaking help is of course preferred for overseas contacts.
  • All support calls require a clear guideline as to what is going to be performed on site. The guide should include all makes, models and serial numbers of equipment that needs support. The guideline should also include port mapping for patching and any materials pertaining to installation, removal or replacing parts. Diagrams or flow charts are also useful.
  • If there are special tools required for specific support calls, we need to know this in advance. If laptops for example are required for remote access from your Tier 3 engineers, please let us know in your request.
  • All dates for service must be approved by us from our end before agreeing to deploy because availability may differ.
  • If you provide what we need as mentioned above to perform the task required, we can insure the highest quality of service.

We have a very good track record and would like to continue this level of customer service.