Data Center Service 

Reliable support at the world’s most advanced data centers. Tokyo ITS works with global tech support firms worldwide who require service in Japan. We are not limited to data centers in Tokyo as we cover DC sites nationwide.

Service include (but are not limited to) rack-device installations, repairs and decommissioning. Services also include DC maintenance, inventory audits, and general onsite support covering large and small service visits.

You can rest assured your hardware is in good hands with our team in Japan. Many other services are not listed online, such as government projects and classified research. Inquire how we can help.


Customs and Delivery

When your project is ready for installation, we will document your shipping manifest, un-box and prep hardware for racking. We are happy to track your shipment to insure delivery. Please inquire about what we can do to help. 

Patching Projects

Sometimes our customers just need a team to patch or re-patch an already installed rack. We can handle multiple cable patching projects at once. Send us your port map diagrams and we will take it from there. We will get your hardware set up from box to rack, connected to the network and conduct hand-over for your team to start testing.


Tokyo ITS conducts equipment audits, inventory and area surveys. We also report conditions in DC sites (a full walk-through) to keep you up to date. When earthquakes occur, get us onsite immediately.

Decommissioning Shutdown / Disk Wiping and Destruction 

We can handle your decommissioning projects. Un-rack devices, get them checked out of inventory and on to recycling centers throughout Japan. This is a complex process to disregard electronic equipment in Japan. Let us take the worry of this out of your hands.

Our wiping procedures meet the standards compliant with the Department of Defense. Inquire about HDD bulk wiping services.

We also provide the service of destroying hard drives. Destroying data disks are the safest way to ensure sensitive data is completely decimated. We remove the platter from mechanical hard drives and shred them. We are your smart choice to protect your sensitive data when decommissioning. 

Contact us for more information on this.