Business Culture in Japan

Our Company: Tokyo ITS is a small organization helping technology consultants, technology support teams and global support groups with onsite tech support in Japan. Our service caters to the international market that needs support on the ground in Tokyo and surrounding areas. We consider ourselves the eyes and ears in Japan for our clients.

Location: We have two locations in the Tokyo area. Shibakoen is where most of the administration and tech deployment operations take place. Kasai, is the official tech operations, programming, and server storage located. It serves as an operation center for 80% of our work in Tokyo.

Traveling in Tokyo: We found the best way to move quickly in Tokyo and other major cities in Japan is by subway and bullet train. The unfortunate truth about Tokyo is it is much like New York City, with 3 times the people. Traveling by vehicle is a nightmare when trying to get to a service location on time. All of our engineers are fitted with travel kits that include the necessary tools for basic Tech Support service. This is why it is very important that our clients let us know in great detail what work needs to be accomplished during the service call (in case we need to bring special tools). With very few choices in parking, mass transit is utilized to move our engineers to service sites, including locations outside of Tokyo. This is why traveling expenses are also invoiced to our customers.

Doing Business in Japan: In Japan doing business is not difficult as long as you know the local culture and how local business operates.  “Japanese customer service is next to none in the world”. Visiting Japan can open the eyes of many international travelers who experience Japanese hospitality. The Japanese expect the same from foreign companies who do business here.  Tokyo ITS engineers are always prompt and courteous with our Japanese neighbors and their international colleagues working here. We expect the same from our clients who ask us to do business here on their behalf.

When you (our partners) ship product here to Japan, it is vital we are informed of where that product is and how to obtain it, whether we must use reference numbers or shipment tracking numbers, we expect our partners to fully understand where replacements parts are so that our team can go in and effectively do our jobs. Searching for lost parts is a complete waste of time and non-productive. That will reflect on our partners we are representing if issues of the location of replacement parts are not addressed before we are deployed.

Also keep in mind when shipping parts to Japan, our company can help get those parts through customs. Please inquire how this is done.

Also when requesting a visit to a Data Center (DC) in Japan, our partners must have the full name of the engineers from our team when making a visit request with the DC site. The DC then gives the reference number for the visit back to our partner who then hands it off to us. Without that visitor reference number, it makes getting into DC sites in Japan a tad bit more difficult. We can explain this in great detail when a request for a DC site visit is made.

We Are Your Proxy: We will represent you or your client as part of a professional IT Service team who has been instructed to visit the onsite service location and handle the service-call in Japan.  Sometimes our clients ask us to represent them by telling the local contact that we are with their company. We have no issue with this as we are being hired to support our overseas partners.

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